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August 3, 2010 - New Product Alliance Addresses Business Needs for HIPAA Compliance with Encryption Suite Package

WordSecure News Boulder, Colorado - August 3, 2010: HIPAA, FACTA, SOX, and other federal laws pertaining to privacy have become a growing concern for businesses both big and small. The government has begun enforcing new, actionable privacy protection laws to guard consumers' financial, personal health, and employment records. Throughout the US, online stores, banks, insurance companies, healthcare providers, universities, SMBs, and government agencies must implement and prove proper security measures to provide their customers with secure access. This leaves many scrambling to comply - or pay big fines if they don't.

Yet, even though these privacy requirements are of grave concern to companies of all sizes, many don't know what to do to get up to par with these new regulations. Small business owners rarely have the upfront capital or resources necessary to implement enterprise-wide security enhancements, yet with fines or prison penalties in place for those who remain incompliant, ignoring the need for a solution is no longer an option.

A dynamic new alliance between computer security firms WordSecure, Access Smart, and PCDynamics was recently formed to provide a winning solution for corporations who are striving to achieve data security compliance.

WordSecure's web-based email messaging software is a solution to the secure business communications dilemma, enabling businesses to send and receive email messages securely, using affordable encrypted email technologies. WordSecure allows both the sender and receiver to obtain important documents, account information, private emails, and more without worry of private information falling into the wrong hands. This is particularly good news for industries that need cost-effective security measures in place. Because all message data is stored securely "in the cloud," protected health information can be sent and stored without concern for the data if an employee's computer is ever lost or stolen.

The Power LogOn Privacy Suite provides a comprehensive solution, using WordSecure and another security technology known as SafeHouse(TM) from PCDynamics. SafeHouse is a hard drive encryption program that safeguards data in case a computer is lost or stolen.

The Power LogOn Smartcard works by storing passwords to securely log onto your computer, network, internet sites, and Windows-based applications. The card can be used with any Windows-based computer for secure access. Users can log in to their local application or website accounts automatically using a very strong password that doesn't need to be remembered, thereby eliminating the need for sticky note reminders or using the same passwords for multiple sites. With two clicks of the mouse, any account can be securely accessed. Plus, with the information stored on the Smartcard, users can bounce easily from one computer to another and have their passwords securely available. Since no passwords are actually stored on the PC when the card is removed, this eliminates the vulnerability of other employees seeing or using them.

According to Dovell Bonnett, Founder and CEO of Access Smart, LLC. "The average total costs to corporations in 2009 due to a data breach were $6.8 million per incident. We created Power LogOn Privacy Suite especially for small businesses, insurance brokers and others who need to show compliance with these new privacy protection laws. Because many of our customers don't know what to do, we wanted to help them with security technologies that target their concerns and that are also affordable."

This cost-effective business approach rises to the demands of today's computer users and corporations alike, making the need for remembering passwords and the need to send secure information over unencrypted email obsolete.

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