WordSecure Messaging

WordSecure LLC now offers Secure Messaging using the iPad

and iPhone under iOS6!

Boulder, Colorado - December 14, 2012. WordSecure, LLC, a qualified leader in secure messaging, announced the support of iOS6 devices including the iPhone5 and iPad with the newest release of WordSecure Messaging version 3.0.

Both the iPhone5 and the iPad have been fully tested and currently support WordSecure's web-based secure messaging product.

WordSecure LLC's goal for 2013 and beyond is to continue to provide its customers with the most secure messaging system available, at the best possible value, with the greatest simplicity and ease of use. This is to allow subscribing customers and their clients enhanced productivity in secure business and personal communications.

For more information:
CONTACT: Jonathan S. Lybrook, Managing Partner
or visit https://WORDSECURE.COM
Email address: press@wordsecure.com

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